Monday, 15 November 2010

My final Multi Image

How to make levels in Photoshop.

The very first thing I did after choosing the pictures I wanted to work on was to duplicate the images.

1. Then I had to decide which is going to be the background, and which the overlay. The background is always the starting point and other pictures go onto it.
2. To move the picture onto the background i have used the move tool. I have clicked onto the overlay picture and drag it on the top of the background picture. It appeared in the background layer as 'Layer1'.
3. Next thing to do was to create a layer mask and use 'reveal all'.
4. I had to click on the paint brush and choose the right size from tool bar. I needed to make sure that the 'layer1' is highlighted when I wanted to make changes to it and then paint away with brush. This means getting rid of the overlay I did not want to use. To bring back the overlay I needed to switch the colours on the paint buckets, so the black would overlay the white bucket.
5. When I was sure that I have finished working with the images I needed to merge all the layers.

This is an example of my multiple image:

Levels In Photoshop.

 This picture presents the background for my multiple image in colour. This looks interesting but the colours look rather dull and boring, there is nothing magical about this one.
I have decided to improve the colours and contrast in Photoshop in order to improve the picture. To do so I have opened the desirable image in Photoshop, by clicking at file, and then 'open as smart object'. To improve the colours and the contrast I had to click on the picture, to make sure that this is the item I am working on, and then go to 'image', then choose 'adjutments', and at the end I had click on 'levels' box. 
The obtained image looks very exciting and I am happy with it. I especially love the apples lying on the ground.

My plan - multi image.

I have decided to produce a fashion shoot, as I thought that Tereza Vlockova presents fashion in very unique way, quite unnatural for fashion photography. I particularly like the background she choses for her photographs, and while looking at her work I have decided to do multi image project in a wood near my house, near by Cloney Hatch Lane.
I wanted my pictures to have a theme, to make it look kind of fantasy and mystery. The theme is 'The Snow Queen'. I have decided to set up couple of different sized mirrors in the woods, because the mirror was the main idea of 'The Snow Queen'. Kai, the litle boy who lives in a big city falls victim to the splinters of the troll-mirror and the blandishments of the Snow Queen. She is successful in abducting Kai after he has fallen victim to the troll-mirror. She promises to free Kai if he can spell "eternity" with the pieces of ice in her palace. The Queen is evil and has a cold heart. 'The Snow Queen' was written be author Hans Christian Anderson.