Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tereza Vlckova

Tereza Vlckova is a Czech Fashion Photographer.
To create this appealing series of the 'Two', she used a technique known as multiple image.
Vlckova uses dreamlike colorfulness, based on ocher tones.
The facial expression of her subjects are sweet, like an angels but with traces of pain, kind of miserable.
The subjects appear to be dolls in a heavenly nature.
The children in this series emerge to be a smaller adult.

Tereza Vlckova said about this series : “The little girls inside my photographs looks like angels, well dressed, with white skin. But I did my best to remove all the softness in their face, to accent the strangeness. I don’t allow them to smile. I think children are smaller adult. In my series, some of them are real twins, some others are photoshop twins, I let you guess which one. I prefer to keep the mystery!”